All of us are entitled for happy and healthy life. Consequently, we should take care of our health. It’s necessary to pass medical examination at least once a year. With this regard, The Baku Clinic, complying with the European standards offers all ambulatory services to you. This medical center having brought a novelty to the medicine of Azerbaijan and having served the citizens of the country since May 1999 is equipped with medical facilities made in progressive countries.

High-qualified and professional specialists implement examination and treatment of all diseases. The Clinic gained people’s confidence offers wide range of medical services to inhabitants. Over 300 various types of analysis get implemented at the lab of the Center by means of automated analyzing robots. Thus, it’s possible to gain results of one thousandth precision within an hour at the lab of The Baku Clinic without human interference. Besides the lab analysis the center renders also other diagnostic services.

These services contain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer tomography (CТ), radiography, mammography, ultrasound, endoscopic, cardiologic and other examinations. Cosmetology Section also acts in our Clinic. Facility for diode-laser epilation, non-operational and painless loss of weight, skin lifting, rejuvenation and massage facilities being used in Azerbaijan only in the Baku Clinic will allow you stay young every time and seem nice. Our affable personnel and consulting physicians will grant a precise direction to you. Confidentiality of the examinations implemented in The Baku Clinic is fully guaranteed.

The Baku Clinic is a modern and fully equipped medical enterprise. This center renders complete range of services to inhabitants using facilities and reagents made in the developed countries of the world and wholly complying with the world standards and, employing highly-qualified specialists. Our center has acting treatment cabinets supplied with up-to-date medical facilities employing professional and experienced physicians ready to help you any time. During all time of activity the Clinic had put special attention to the personnel potential and since first days of functioning it commenced to cooperate with famous foreign partners. The Baku Clinic regularly expands the range of activity and gets interested in novelties happening in world medicine, participates at the exhibitions held in different countries of the world and applies here all of these novelties.

In order to provide all our patients with full comfort, there exist a rest corner and Café on the third, as well as internal Pharmacy on the first floors which allows patients dirrectly contact our pharmacy for drugs issued by our doctors.